Cosmetic Dentistry - Whitening

How can you brighten your smile?

Do you have a special engagement, or are you getting married? Whatever the reason, tooth bleaching isn't just for the movie stars, and it isn't just for one day. Many people have had their teeth whitened, and probably millions more are thinking about it. Many people have a desire to whiten their teeth in a safe manner. Under the supervision of your dentist, you can have your teeth whitened.

Is bleaching for you?

Generally, bleaching is successful in at least 90 percent of patients, though it may not be an option for everyone. Consider tooth bleaching if your teeth are darkened from age, coffee, tea or smoking. Teeth darkened with the colour of yellow, brown or orange respond better to lightening. Other types of gray stains caused by fluorosis, smoking or tetracycline are lightened, but results are not as dramatic. If you have very sensitive teeth, periodontal disease, or teeth with worn enamel, your dentist may discourage bleaching.

Home Whitening

It is the safest and most predictable form of tooth whitening and the most economical as well.

A custom mouthguard type appliance is fabricated for your mouth. Into this appliance, you will dispense the agent that whitens your teeth. By being able to do this at home, you will have the ability to control the rate at which you whiten.

How long does it last?

Lightness should last from one to five years, depending on your personal habits such as smoking and drinking coffee and tea. At this point you may choose to get a touch up. A touchup is generally not very expensive as one can use the original bleaching trays and it may take only 1 or 2 sessions at home.

Is it safe? Any side effects?

Several studies, during the past ten years, have proven bleaching to be safe and effective. Some patients may experience slight gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, which will resolve when the treatment ends.